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Mercedes Repair Boulder CO

Autowerks East is your Mercedes repair specialist in Boulder

Mercedes-Benz: The name alone brings with it the idea of luxury, style and great performance. These vehicles contain some of the best automotive engineering found anywhere in the world so it is no wonder that so many people in Boulder decide to drive these superior imports.

However, not just any mechanic can perform repairs on a Mercedes and Mercedes-Benz dealer repair shops can often charge a bit more than they should because they think they are the only game in town. Autowerks East, located right outside of Boulder, has been performing professional repairs and maintenance on all models of Mercedes-Benz for more than 25 years.

Signs your Mercedes-Benz needs repairs

Mercedes is an excellent car manufacturer, but even the best cars will need regular maintenance and the occasional repairs. Here are some of the repairs that our customers have come to us for.

Rattling when the engine is started: this often occurs when the belt tensioner has become worn out over time. The belt tensioner keeps the belt, which brings power to different parts of the engine, tight and working at peak performance. If your engine is rattling then it is important to have it checked as soon as you can as it may be an issue with the engine cooling system.

Electrical System Issues: Occasionally, our Boulder clients have come to us with electrical issues such as their lights becoming dim or battery dying before it is supposed to. This is often a problem with the alternator where it is not working as it should and thus not charging the battery properly.

Rattling from the back of the vehicle: A rattle near the back wheels can occur when a spring in the rear suspension has broken. If you inspect the area then you may be able to see a broken spring. It is best to take your Mercedes in to be inspected after noticing the problem as the vehicle now lacks a key element to support itself.

Autowerks-East is here for you

If you are experiencing any issue with your Mercedes-Benz or just want to ensure that it will run well in the future then give our team a call. Our professionally educated Mercedes-Benz mechanics have an A+ rating at the BBB and when you come to us with your vehicle troubles you will see that we always place are customers first.