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Porsche Repair Boulder CO

Porsche has manufactured some of the fastest cars on the planet, but no matter how fast you are you can get away from the occasional need for repairs. The mechanics here at Autowerks East love working on Porsches of all makes and models because they are truly beautiful pieces of automotive engineering. The only thing we love as much as working on Porsches is learning about them. Porsche is always at the cutting edge of mechanical and electrical engineering when it comes to cars and our mechanics spend a lot of their own time just studying these advancements and how they work. To us, a car problem is just a puzzle to be solved because in its natural state a Porsche runs like nothing else on the road.

Keeping your Porsche running

Our Boulder clients love their Porsches and love to know that they are running perfectly. However, if a problem is going to occur then it is best to catch it early. Here is a guide to help you identify what kind of leak you may be experiencing with your vehicle.

Check under the car regularly: there are a variety of different fluids that a car requires to operate properly. After your Porsche has been parked for an extended period of time make sure to look at the parking spot once you’ve moved. If there is a stain underneath then you will need to inspect it. Here is a basic color code:

  • Green, orange or pink: antifreeze
  • Yellowish brown: oil. Older oil looks dark brown or black
  • Clear or yellowish: brake fluid
  • Light red, dark red or brownish: transmission fluid
  • Blue: windshield washer fluid
  • Multiple colors: gasoline. Also has the strong smell we all know and love

Need Porsche repair in Boulder? Come see Autowerks-East

If you have any issue with the fluids in your Porsche then come see the experts at Autowerks East. We have been service the import vehicles of Boulder for more than 25 years and we take great pride in our excellent customer service and A+ Better Business Bureau rating.