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Autowerks East Testimonials

One of best decision I ever made!

Greg helped me to sort out the supercharging system on my 911 Porsche Carrera. The system had been constant problems since installation by another company. Greg was referred to me for his vast performance and racing experience, having managed a Porsche Race team in the late 90s and run the likes of The 24 Hours of Daytona. It certainly paid off. He has helped me sort out the entire car and greatly improved my performance in SCCA and Porsche Club events. Thanks Greg!!
- Art Rancis

Greg has been servicing my cars for the past 17 years. I bought a car recently and he went through the whole thing from front to back before I moved to California. I hope I'm lucky enough to find someone in California to take care of me as well as Greg did for the past 17 years. - C.E.G

Notably good service experience. I started taking my BMW to Greg after experiencing several problems with the dealership. As a single woman who knows very little about cars, I have found working with Greg to be refreshing. I haven?t had any surprises, his estimates for repairs have been right-on and even less in some cases. He has been very honest and forthright, telling me when I needed something done and when would be waste of my money. I highly recommend him. - SCG

Greg has always taken great care of my BMW's, my Tahoe, and my Porsche. I once had an oil leak, or so I thought, and called Greg to inquire about the leak and to bring it in to get it fixed. Over the phone he told me that I did not have a leak and to check my garage, because one of my kids must have parked their cars in that spot. He was right, but I was all ready to bring my car in and pay for some repairs. Need I say more? - M. Wirth

I have taken my Porsches, BMWs and my wife's Audi to Greg at Autowerks East sense 1989. Greg is very knowledgeable and reasonably priced. I would recommend him to anyone that that is driving a German car. - Kelly Peyton
User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Greg is the best, besides knowing his job, he is quick and very friendly. anyone needing work would be very smart in having Greg do the work. - Wendy

A few years ago My old BMW had vague starting problems that were getting worse. I went to another shop , where they put in a new fuel pump to no avail (But a healthy bill nonetheless). Greg at Autowerks Worked on it for some time. He fixed the problem. He said that he wasn't sure what exactly caused it.So he didn't charge me! Now that's honest. So when Independent Motors told me I needed a new engine (for another car last month ); I had it towed to Autowerks for a second opinion. I saved myself thousands (and kept my engine). - John A.
5 of 5 stars

In more ways than one I had a great experience dealing with Autowerks! First of all, they really know what they're doing- from diagnosing my cars problem, to knowing how to prevent my car from having unnecessary future ones. As a 50 year old single woman, I'm all for slowing down the aging process- and that also applies to my car-I really love my Range Rover and want to keep it as long as possible! After years of dealing with shops who often have techs just out of school, I became aware of what a dying art automotive repair has become! Secondly, not only did I feel like I finally found a place where there are master mechanics at work, the hourly rate was lower than other shops! What a find- thank you Greg Gordon for your expertise!

"Autowerks East is a fantastic mechanic shop. Extremely knowledgeable about the cars they service- Audis, BMW, Jaguar, etc. On top of that, very straightforward - they handle the customer experience with the highest level of integrity. Greg is by far the best mechanic I have ever come across in my 4 years as an Audi owner- in terms of knowledge, professionalism and honesty- this is a unique shop. Best in the Denver/Boulder area." - Paul Ruiz
5 of 5 stars

Very knowledgeable and trustworthy. Say what they can do and then does what they say (No bait and switch like other repair shops that I've used). I will definitely continue to use them. - Guest18097
5 of 5 stars

I recently bought a new Porsche Cayenne and prior to purchase had Greg inspect the car. As it turns out, the first one he viewed on my behalf had many issues I hadn't noticed, as a result I kept looking at alternatives. The second vehicle I took to Greg also had its issues (as a 4 year old car, this is to be expected) however, Greg gave me his opinion and felt the car was worth buying at the price offered. They pointed out that the tires on the car were not great, as a result I asked the dealer for different tires, which ended up with them giving me a second set, including rims. This was a nice bonus on a car I was already ready to purchase, never would have gotten this without Greg and Rob's guidance. Great experience, I will definitely be having my routine maintenance handled by Greg. - David9269

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Our owner's impressive resume began with his first job at the age of 16, when he began work for Keith Black Racing. Following high school, our proprietor bought a Porsche, became passionate about the car and all its workings, and began work based on his personal repair experience on his own car. His professional experience includes his PORSCHE 993 GT3 IMSSA Race Team, which participated in the 1997 Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona, as well as work for various PORSCHE, BMW, AUDI, JAGUAR and Rolls Royce dealerships.